Best Homemade Scrubs to Exfoliate Your Lips Naturally- Get Soft and Plump Lips

Best Homemade Scrubs to Exfoliate Your Lips Naturally- Get Soft and Plump Lips
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Exfoliation is a great way to eliminate the impurities, flaky, dead, chapped or dry pores and skin cells from the lips. Exfoliation also minimizes dark places on the lips. You’ll get plain and soft lips after exfoliating. We’ll discuss about best homemade scrubs to exfoliate lips naturally.

You can exfoliate your lips in lots of ways. Homemade scrubs exfoliate the lips normally while exfoliation items are also effective. You can test both of these. But, today I’ll show you how exactly to exfoliate lips normally with some effective homemade lip scrubs.

Why Should We Exfoliate Our Lips?

Specifically, if your lips are dry, chapped, flaky or dark, you should exfoliate your lips to vanish them. The huge benefits you’ll get:

  • Exfoliation evens out the lip consistency.
  • Lip discoloration, including darkness, blackness, dark areas or melanin pigmentation become faded by regular exfoliation.
  • Lips turn out with a healthy, natural and beautiful look.
  • Exfoliation eradicates dry out, scaly, dead or cracked epidermis cells.
  • You can like a bright and even lip after exfoliation.
  • Home remedies, like essential olive oil, coconut essential oil or honey moisturizes lips.

12 Best DIY Scrubs to Exfoliate Your Lips (Help to Make Your Pout Set for Serious Dating)

Natural treatments are always secure and efficient for skincare because they haven’t any harmful ingredients, like chemical substances, toxins or any additional artificial components. The primary reason for lip exfoliation is usually to eliminate the dead pores and skin cells on the lips and make sure they are smooth, actually, and clean.

1. Exfoliate Lips with Olive Oil and Sugar

Exfoliate Lips with Olive Oil and Sugar
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Sugar is among the most effective organic exfoliators to scrub the lips in the home. Take some sugars and some blobs of essential olive oil in a little bowl. Continue to blend until you get yourself a solid paste. Massage your lips with this exfoliator with a clean fingertips or washcloth in the circular motions. Remember, massaging ought to be soft.

Avoid doing it a lot more than 2 minutes. Clean your lips away with hygienic water. Right now, the upper epidermis of your lips will most probably, clean and more delicate. So, make use of a lip balm to create them pulpy and hydrated.

2. Exfoliate Lips with Vaseline and Toothbrush

This technique of exfoliation is a highly effective way to remove all of the unnecessary burdens from the upper layer of the lips. Take a vintage straight bristle soft toothbrush. Leave a dosage of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the lips. Rub your lips with the toothbrush in the circular motions, only 2 minutes. Wash your lips off with lukewarm drinking water. Forget about dull skin cells. Simply leave a little of vaseline on the lips to maintain them moisturized.

3. Exfoliate Lips with Baking Soda and ToothBrush

Exfoliate Lips with Baking Soda and ToothBrush
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You may also exfoliate your lips with baking soda . It is a perfect home remedy to eliminate dead skin cells, therefore lips look clean. Consider some baking soda on the palm. Pour many drops of drinking water and mix them collectively. Place the mixer on the toothbrush and scrub your lips with the brush for 2 moments. A washcloth can be used to rub the lips also. Cleanse your lips away with tepid to warm water. Don’t neglect to put your preferred lip balm.

4. Exfoliate Lips with Sugar and Honey

I take advantage of honey and glucose for my lip treatment. Take some sugars and many drops of honey in a little bowl. Mix them jointly. Scrub your lips with this exfoliator in the circular motions together with your fingertips for just one minute. Wash your lips off with new drinking water. Or you can keep some pure honey on your own lips over the night time to ensure that your lips could be hydrated by consuming honey. Doing this exfoliation daily during the night may also lighten your lips.

5. Exfoliate Lips with Sugar and Coconut Essential oil

Coconut essential oil is a good natural stuff for your skin. It moisturizes your skin, removes aging places, heals damages and makes your skin 10 times more youthful. Mix some glucose with a few drops of coconut essential oil in a little bowl. Pat your lips with this for three or four 4 mins with the fingertips or a vintage straight bristle smooth toothbrush. Now cleanse your lips off with drinking water.

6. Exfoliate Lips with Jojoba Oil and Dark brown Sugar

My sister, Cynthia wants to exfoliate her lips with brown sugar instead of white sugar since the taste and taste of brown sugars she likes more. Blend some supplement E or Jojoba essential oil together. Scrub your dried out lips with this exfoliator for a few minutes, only 4 a few minutes. Cleanse your lips away with water.

7. Exfoliate Lips with Rose Drinking water and Glycerin

This lip scrubbing method may be the secret beauty tip for the celebrities. Rose drinking water units on a pink tint over your lips along with soothing them. Mix rose water and glycerin collectively to exfoliate lips. Pat your lips with these remedies with the fingertips for three minutes. Clean your lips with new water. Leaving this mixer onto the lips through the entire night makes them even more beautiful and plumper.

8. Exfoliate Lips with a Washcloth

Exfoliate Lips with a Washcloth
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You may use a clean wet washcloth to scrub your lips. Initial, make the lips wet and rub them with the washcloth softly to slough off the boring skin cells. Sometimes, Personally, i do it during going for a shower. It works nicely for me personally. Especially, the dried out cells of the top lips wipe off very easily.

9. Exfoliate Lips with Lemon Juice (be cautious mates!)

Exfoliate Lips with Lemon Juice
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Lemon juice is an excellent bleacher. It not merely exfoliates the lips but also lightens the lip color. But, be careful, don’t exfoliate lips with lemon juice if they’re a lot more chapped or dry; otherwise, it could sting your lips.

Cut a lemon fifty percent. Rub one piece on your lips lightly. You can pass on some salt on the lemon slice. Perform it for 2 minutes. After that cleanse your lips off with a washcloth and lastly put some real honey on the lips for ten minutes. It’ll hydrate and nourish the lips.

10. Exfoliate Lips with Coconut Oil and coffee Grounds

Exfoliate Lips with Coconut Oil and coffee Grounds
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You can simply prepare a homemade lip scrub with leftover coffee grounds and coconut oil. The essential oil dissolves the impurities and moisturizes the lips. And the espresso grounds exfoliate the lifeless skin cells. Combine some espresso grounds with some coconut essential oil and then make use of a toothbrush to exfoliate lips in a circular movement.

11. Exfoliate Lips with Baking Soda

Exfoliate Lips with Baking Soda
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Baking soda is usually another DIY ingredient which you can use to exfoliate lips of yours. Baking soda will not moisturize the lips; it just removes the lifeless pores and skin cells along with brightening and cleaning the lips.

Blend one teaspoon of baking soda with adequate of water to create a thick paste. It on the lips apply. Rub the lips carefully with a washcloth or a soft-bristled brush in the circular movement for just one minute. Then wash away the lips with hot water and apply a lip balm as baking soda can dry the lips.

12. Make use of Oatmeal to Exfoliate Lips

use Oatmeal to Exfoliate Lips
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Oatmeal exfoliates your skin nicely since it is grainy. Not only that, oatmeal may also remove the dirt, essential oil, and impurities of your skin. Blend 1 tablespoon of oatmeal with 3 tablespoons of milk or tepid to warm water. Apply it to the lips and rub them softly for 1-2 moments in the circular movement. Then rinse away the lips with hot water and apply a lip balm.

What Actions You Can Take to Get Supple Easy More Kissable Lips

  • After exfoliating, be confirm to create your lips soft or moisturized.
  • Don’t lick your lips. In the event that you have a tendency to lick your lips, apply balm or chapstick.
  • As a moisturizer, use chapstick, petroleum balm or jelly.
  • Scrub the lips softly just because a hard massaging can produce sores or flaky pores and skin.
  • Rub the lips 1-2 minutes softly.
  • Don’t scrub your lips a lot more than two times weekly.
  • Avoid exfoliating your lips if they’re severely chapped or dried out.


I usually exfoliate lips with honey and sugar. I am suited by it very much. If you believe, to prepare scrubs in the home is usually a disturbance, you may use lip exfoliation items, like Jaowying Beauty, Beauty For Real LIP REVIVAL, and Cake Batter Lip Scrubbie. They are best-offering lip scrubs. Products helps you to save your time. In choosing exfoliators, make sure they are created with natural ingredients.

If you want my tips about “how exactly to exfoliate lips naturally with homemade scrubs”, share your ideas by commenting. It shall help others.

Have a lovely pout!



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